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RE: [IP] Pump Start-Almost/Questions

> 1 unit always
>drops her about 100 points.  so, that part might be easy.

Well I had been using a ratio given to me a decade ago of 1:50 and 
that wasn't working.  They have me trying 1:30 but that is dropping
me too much.  I also lost 10 lbs which is a factor.  So that is why
the correction is still off.

>remember to eat lowfat meals and don't exercise too much.  we had geneva
>eating about the same things each day for a week to see what was happening.
>no pizza!

Yep I know.  My pump start w/insulin starts Monday and for a week I have to
eat set meals at set times. No snacks.  An no exercise.  Not even running up
a flight of stairs to grab something.  :)

>good luck with your adjustment to insulin!

Thanks.  I am determined to make this work.  
-- Sherry
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