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Re: [IP] Pump Start-Almost/Questions

>Which ratio should I conquer first.
> The carb ratio or the correction ratio.

when you go on insulin,  your endo will most likely put you on one basal for
a 24 hour period.  you will be keeping a big chart and noting what you eat,
when,  and what your levels are.  and of course testing almost every two

you will see a pattern emerge pretty quickly.  especially after eating or
correcting.  after a few weeks of contact with our CDE and her input...I was
able to determine what was happening.  pretty soon you will know if your
carb ratio is off because on a level basal, you will see dips and rises
about 2 hours after you eat.  then you can adjust the ratio.  as far as
correction,  geneva never changed from when she was on shots.  1 unit always
drops her about 100 points.  so, that part might be easy.

remember to eat lowfat meals and don't exercise too much.  we had geneva
eating about the same things each day for a week to see what was happening.
no pizza!

good luck with your adjustment to insulin!

mom to ten yr. old geneva

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