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[IP] Pump Start-Almost/Questions

Hey Everyone,
Last night I started my assimilation into the borg. :)
I am pumping saline until Monday morning when I go on insulin.

I do have some questions, though and thought you might be able to help.

1.  My first set is a softset and it went in great.  I didn't feel a thing
and it was without any emla, or ice.  However the set is being held in by
the tape on the set and tape with the 3 numbers that comes with the set
placed over that. The set seems to be secure but the tape placed over it is
starting to come up where it is covering the tubing.  Is this normal after
14 hours?  I am not concerned yet since the set seems to be secure still.

2.  Second, my blood sugars have been running low all morning.  I can't
figure out why.  Could it be the fact that my mind wishing I was already
pumping insulin? <lol>.  Well, actually this is a problem that I think I
know the answer to. My carb ratio is off in the morning and I think my
correction is off(great combination huh?).  My bg when I woke up was
282(15.7).  I took my NPH (sigh...still on saline) and calculated my
correction.  I weighed my cereal and measure the milk I put on it so I am
pretty confident about the carb content.  I calculated my insulin by my carb
ratio and added my correction.  I took the units in Humalog.  Two hours
later I was 172(9.6) and three hours later I was 55(3.1).  My peak for
humalog is about 2.5 hours so I knew I was in trouble when I was 172 and had
eaten cereal.  I know I am going on the pump soon so why work real hard at
this.  However if I was on the pump.  Which ratio should I conquer first.
The carb ratio or the correction ratio.  Any suggestions would be


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