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Re: [IP] Ketos

>Now - i ask the experts of insulin - does others have high #s for 24-48 hrs
>and  not have ketos.
>Mom to Kap (Kevin)


I think (at least, based on my own experience as compared to those I read on
the the list) that the appearance of keytones may be another one of those
delightful YMMV areas...either that or I am an exception who falls WAY
outside the normal rules!  Pre-pump my numbers ran wild, & I never showed
keytones...even when running high (400-600 range) for several days at a
time.  We tested for them regularly both at home and in the hospital...went
there one night (as advised by my physician) & discovered that basically all
they did for it was hook me up to an IV, check every two hours, & send me
home when it got down to 200- gee, could've basically done that myself with
injections & sabed myself the ongoing hassle of the fact that my insurance
denies coverage because this was not an "emergency situation."  Anyway, once
since pumping I've shown "trace" of keytones...that was when I had
bronchitis & everything was a bit out of whack!  As a general rule though,
high numbers even for longish periods of time do not mean keytones for me.

Anyone out there...is there actually a somewhat consistant rule for others
(& I just fall way outside the norm), or is it pretty much different for


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