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Re: [IP] Dex Meter

In a message dated 12/31/98 5:55:19 PM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted

<<  I miss some of the bells and whistles that
 were on her Profile Meter, but we are sold on the Dex for its simplicity at
 this point in her life. 
 Connie >>


I am with you.  The Dex has been wonderful for Laura as she has one at school
and at home also.  We also have not found its reliability to be a problem.   

The company has been terrific about sending me as many strips as we need, gave
us a second meter when we needed it, and just recently sent us the cable and
software so that we can download the info onto the computer.

I must admit I think it is much simpler to go back through the Profile to get
the readings if you just want to glance a them BUT the software is a breeze to

Thankfully our experience with the Dex and Bayer has been all positive so far.

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