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[IP] Having Doubts


I am sorry that you are having probs with your pump.  We have a 507C and
the first one that we had skipped screens while in the select mode.....It
is maddening!  However, we traded ours in early November and the second
(rebuilt) pump we got has been fine, but it seems that it also might
eventually slip into jumping screens.  It is not doing it now.  You
probably got our defective rebuilt pump that wasn't rebuilt so
well!....There has been talk about others having button probs with their
507C (and it seems that it is only with the 507C).  If your 3rd one does
not work, I would raise cain with Minimed!  And explain to them that you
are on the edge of quitting and that the Minimed malfunction is
contributing to the prob.

As far as the weight gain, Lauren has had a similar prob altho I am not
sure that I can correlate it directly to the pump.  I think it makes over
eating easier... especially during the holidays.  Lauren has certainly
shifted to being a grazer!

I think one of the beauties of the pump (in addition to great control) is
that one can plan for exercise and not have to "feed up lows"  Before the
pump Lauren was also gaining and I was frustrated because every time that
she would exercise, she would have to eat more to cover lows which tended
to cancel out the weight loss benefits of exercise.

I wonder if the way the blood sugar acts while on the pump makes some
people more hungry.

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/