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[IP] Closing out the Year

Dear Fellow IP-ers:
     Just wanted to wish everyone who takes the time to share their
experiences here a very Happy New Year. I feel very fortunate to have this
added resource to enhance my daughter's diabetes control & to reassure me when
things aren't working well. But speaking of "working well", we just got
Melissa's latest A1C: 6.9, after almost 3 years on the pump, which is the
perfect "nightcap" to a not so perfect year for our family...but one which we
all "weathered" nonetheless & that's truly the name of the game- to adapt to
whatever life tosses our way. One of my favorite phrases is :Life is 10% what
happens to you & 90% how you react to it. No one would willingly choose to get
diabetes or cancer, but once it's there, the ONLY way to survive & thrive is
to accept life's vagaries & make use of all available resources to cope....
    Which brings me back to where I started - thanking the people who
"populate" this "neighborhood". When I opened my most recent Diabetes
Interview today, not only was the editorial from Scott King devoted to the
"Ann Landers" fiasco, but they'd also published my letter to her & Laura
Lynn's letter (Sherri's daughter) and Crystal Carrier's letter and Dennis
Cardone's letter...and WOW, I knew these people!!!! ...
     So to all of you who are united in the effort to keep either yourself or
your loved ones in the best possible care until a CURE is found, I wish you
all a very HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Regards, Renee
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