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Re: [IP] Having Doubts


  I am not sure about all your troubles but I can address 2. The weight
gain. I do am experiancing weight gain. Thats an easy one. Your body is
NOW handling the sugars like they are suppose to. They are turning it
into fat instead of the sugars exiting thru your urine. When your outta
control as I was before the pump the body disposes of the extar sugar
thru the urine. Now that I am under control the body turns the extra
sugar into fat. I have gained about 15 pounds. Not that I couldnt use
the extra pounds But all my cloths are too small LOL..

The not feeling good is also a good thing. Your body will eventually
feel better. You actually now feel things that the outta control sugars
covered up. Stick with it. It gets better as you go.


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