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Re: [IP] Having Doubts

Hi Heather, Christene and Happy New Year to all.

It is a B I G adjustment getting the pump on line. I too have noticed the  
bolus screen jumping on my new 507C. I cycle on around the seven 
screens to get back to the skipped one. When I was in the dark about
some of the information I gave the pump up, disconected. 

It is hard to articulate the numerous adjustments the pump is requiring. I guess 
I realizedI can't do all the adjusting right away and I can't make such a big deal 
out of setting my basal rates because they change. Actually what is helping me
now is (I hate to say it, it's so cliche) regular exercise. I tested and
set my basal rate one day after exercising. But two days after exercising
I would need a different basal rate. So I'm trying to exercise the same amount
every day now. With the information in "Pumping Insulin" exercise is again 

Oh, my goodness, I'm going to the Rose Bowl Parade.

I thought this was interesting from the MiniMed Web site job openings.
They have a new position open for a Sr. Engineer to design the wireless
link from the "site" (sensor attached to the skin) to the handheld meter.
Another new opening is for "miniaturization" of the "site" electronics and
the meter display screen electronics. They also need to replace a designer
that I might apply for. I would predict a one year development cycle for
the enhancements if they find some good engineers.


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