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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Payment Plans and such

This may have nothing to do with the question, but it falls into the category.
I was told by Mini Med my insurance co. would not pay for my pump.  Then 2
days later I got a call from a medical supply distribution company asking me
what color pump I wanted.  From what I understand the insurance company does
not deal with Mini Med directly.  But this company also (according to the
representative I talked with) tacks on an extra 3,000 dollars.  Well,
according to my case worker with the insurance co. they have some kind of deal
with this company and will not pay more than 5,000.  So now I am wondering if
I will get billed for the extra 3,000?  Hmmm, seems pretty stupid to me.  But
then again I have not seen 1 bill, and have been wearing the pump for close to
3 months now.  Watch I will get this huge bill in the mail for like 6,000 or
something just as stupid.  My insurance co. is notorious for it.
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