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[IP] Insurance Coverage

     Hi everyone.
        I know insurance coverage has been a hot topic on the digest 
     lately. I live in Boston and have Tufts Health Plans HMO. They 
     consider the pump a piece of catheter equipment, and cover 100% of 
     it. Same with pump supplies. They will never count towards my DME 
     benefit - thank god. You (or your pump rep or doctor) may want to 
     argue this point with your plan. What is their coverage rule for 
     other catheter equipment? If they cover at least 80% of other 
     catheter devices, you have a good chance or convincing them to do 
     the same for a pump. You can always appeal decisions that your 
     insurance company makes - don't take "no" for an answer!!
        MiniMed (the folks who make my pump) will also go to bat with 
     your insurance agency to argue that you will be healthier in the 
     long run if you go on the pump, and thus cost your HMO less money.
        Just some tips and ideas - my 2 cents' worth.
     age 24
     Type 1, 15 years
     MM 507c pump, 2 months

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