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Re: [IP] Snorkeling With The Pump

> Later this winter I'm
> going to the Caribbean where I intend to spend 90% of my time snorkeling. 
> The problem is that I like to dive down a lot, sometime up to 30 feet, but
> usually 15' range.  Is this the type of snorkeling you do with your pump or
> do you stay mainly on the surface? 

My daughter Lily (15) snorkels. She removes her pump. Generally, she 
must consume at least 15 grams of carbo an hour with her pump 
detached while snorkeling or her blood sugar will go low very 
quickly. This is true in Hawai (water 82 degrees) and So. California 
(water 72 degrees with wet suit). I suggest you wear an inflatable 
vest and put a couple of glucose gel tubes in the vest for quick 
access in case you get low. I assume you are buddy diving, you buddy 
should also carry glucose gel tubes for you as well.

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