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Re: [IP] square wave bolus

>  When we were injecting H&U (for my son age 7) one of the
> problems was that the suppertime humalog made him too low after supper and
> then too high later in the evening.  We solved that by mixing regular
> insulin with his suppertime H&U.  I thought a square wave bolus might be the
> equivalent pumping solution.  The pump trainer and the nurse thought we
> wouldn't have the problem on the pump, but so far the BGs are looking like
> we might.  It is unlikely that my son has digestion problems, since this
> only seems to happen at supper time.

Consider using a mix of Humalog and Velosulin in the pump, my 
daughter does and so do others on the IP list. I may give you the 
best of both worlds. From the data submitted by members of the IP 
group, it appears about 7% of pumpers use a mix, and of those, about 
half use a 5/1 mix (see ABOUT page of the web site), including my 
daughter Lily.

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