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[IP] Having Doubts

I'm having some major doubts about my pump.  Since I started on the pump I
have gained a great deal of weight.  Not only to mention the fact that I
have felt miserable every since I started.  I tend to have many absorption
issues. A lot more than when I was on injections. Then again when I was on
injections half the time I don't think I was absorbing the insulin anyhow.
I think that the only thing that the pump has done for me, is that it has
taken care of the dawn phenomena.

I fought for several months to get this pump. I have wanted it every since I
first heard about the pump 12+ years ago. But I have never really pursued
the issue.  Now that I have the pump. I'm not satisfied with the pump that I
have. I don't know if the D pump has this problem.  But this is my 3 pump I
have had swapped out since I have been on the pump for 3 months.  When I get
the new pump, things appear to work fine, but then after awhile the select
feature starts skipping screens.  Half the time I can't ever get to the
bolus screen, it just skips right on to the suspend option, or even further.
I'm frustrated.  I think I'm just stuck.  I'm going to give the pump 3 more
months to see if it is something that I want to continue with. That way I at
least have 6 months under my belt. 

I hear about others who have said, wow this thing has changed my life. I
love it.  I don't feel that absolute about the pump.  That tubing is such a
pain sometimes. I'm glad that my HBa1c has improved.  That is one positive I
must say.  I feel like I'm an expert at the ability to juggle, but I can't
keep those 3 balls in the air.

Christene Ullom

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