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[IP] square wave bolus

Have other people found uses for the square wave bolus?
When I asked the Disetronic salesman whether their pump had the square wave
bolus option he said yes, but he was skeptical, asking why I would EVER want
to do that anyway.  When we were injecting H&U (for my son age 7) one of the
problems was that the suppertime humalog made him too low after supper and
then too high later in the evening.  We solved that by mixing regular
insulin with his suppertime H&U.  I thought a square wave bolus might be the
equivalent pumping solution.  The pump trainer and the nurse thought we
wouldn't have the problem on the pump, but so far the BGs are looking like
we might.  It is unlikely that my son has digestion problems, since this
only seems to happen at supper time.
-Carol G

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