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[IP] Forecast: Dr. Pfeifer, Type 2 and the pump

Interesting comment in Forecast this month: 

Dr. Michael Pfeifer is the new editor of Forecast, and there was a big
article about him in this month's issue.

He was diagnosed with type 2 at the age of 51 -- he was very overweight
(290 lb.) and since then, he's lost weight, and is on Rezulin and

What intrigued me was his comment that "If in the future the two
diabetes medications don't control his blood glucose levels, he won't
add a third -- he'll go on an insulin pump."

I'm assuming that he means starting insulin in addition to the metformin
and rezulin, but it's still interesting that he would want to go on the

Does this mean that the medical community is becoming more open to
trying the pump on other than Type 1's (Not to speak of Type Weirds)?

And by the way, I finally had the pump assessment appointment yesterday,
after multiple hassles and red tape -- it was an interesting meeting.
The nurse was very positive, and said she's giving me the green light --
I specifically asked her the question about pump for non-Type 1's and
she said that a few years ago, the feeling in the medical community was
that it would be too complicated for Type 2's because of their
endogenous insulin production, but that nowadays the consensus is moving
toward the pump being appropriate for anyone on insulin. 

I think the issue is much more about personal preference and willingness
to work toward control than in type -- and I'm gratified to see this


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