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[IP] Progress by the thimbleful!

Well, I finally had my appt. for assessment for the pump -- took a long
time, but the nurse said it's a go, as far as she's concerned. Now the
doc has to order it, and I have to figure out how to deal with the
start-up if the insurance won't pay for it -- I KNOW the doc and
hospital could do creative billing, but whether they do or not is up to

I also think I found a way to get them to let me start at home -- I have
a friend who would probably be willing to stay at my house and check me
for a couple of nights. 

Not that I think I'm going to have any problem, but they want to be

The other thing I asked and was given a reassuring answer about was that
I'm not the only non-Type 1 who they've put on the pump. Their attitude
is that anyone using insulin can benefit from the pump. Yay!!!! 

Now on to the business of survival while I wait for the NEXT step --
nothing happens fast, NOTHING!


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