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Re: [IP] Fwd: Accu Chek Software-Is it worth it??

On 30 Dec 98 at 14:05, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> If anyone is interested in the Accutility Software -- I have an extra copy.  I
> started having trouble importing data and the company sent me a whole new
> package.  The problem turned out to be with the cable, not the software.  I
> don't think I have a cable but you can easily buy one at some place like Radio
> Shack. I'd be happy to put it in the mail.
> Ruth

I don't think you can buy one from anyone except BM.  It isn't a standard cable 
and there may be some additional components in the plug to handle the signals.  
Using anything except the cable that comes with the software also voids the 

Randall P. Winchester
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