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Re: [IP] Disetronic

Bob did Disetronic recently add a belt clip?

Bob Burnett wrote:
> At 09:05 PM 12/30/98 -0500, Jen wrote:
> >I was just curious about how the disetronic pump is carried?  I have a mini
> >med pump, and to me it looks like a pager.  I have seen adds for the
> >disetronic, but can't figure out from the pictures I have seen whether is has
> >a belt clip or carrying case?  It looks real "medical" to me, like if someone
> >saw me wearing it they would ask questions.  With the mini med, it doesn't
> >look like a pump to me.  Like I said it looks like a pager.  Just curious...
> Jen:
> I've worn both. I carry my Disetronic in a belt case called a "Clip n' Go".
> It's fairly evident I've got something hanging off my belt. On several
> occasions, I've just put the pump in my pants pocket, so there's not much
> to see.
> I had more questions with my MiniMed ("is that a pager?", "why does your
> pager have an antenna?", "is that a battery connector for your pager?")
> than I do with my Disetronic. Hmmmm ....
> Bob Burnett
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