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I think minimed will take 20% down after the insurance amount and will
let you make non interest payments on the balance over 12 months.
I have a Cap on durable goods and Disetronic took 1,000 off the price.
Both Pumps are good.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi everyone, I've been receiving this list in digest form for a little over
> a month now and I'm amazed at the wealth of information.  I'm 27 yrs old,
> Type 1 since 5/94 on four shots a day and considering the pump.  I just
> received the info packets from Disetronic and Minimed and I'm leaning
> towards Minimed but I'm worried about my insurance.  I live in Charleston,
> SC and I'm on Healthsource insurance.  My plan has an annual cap of $2000 on
> durable medical equipment.  This will leave me with a $3000 payment that I
> cannot afford.  I am also concerned about whether or not the insurance
> company will cover me on the pump since my A1Cs have been 5.9 - 6.3  Does
> anyone out there have Healthsource insurance or any suggestions on how to
> pay for the pump, ie are there payment plans?
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