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Re: [IP] Disetronic

At 09:05 PM 12/30/98 -0500, Jen wrote:

>I was just curious about how the disetronic pump is carried?  I have a mini
>med pump, and to me it looks like a pager.  I have seen adds for the
>disetronic, but can't figure out from the pictures I have seen whether is has
>a belt clip or carrying case?  It looks real "medical" to me, like if someone
>saw me wearing it they would ask questions.  With the mini med, it doesn't
>look like a pump to me.  Like I said it looks like a pager.  Just curious...


I've worn both. I carry my Disetronic in a belt case called a "Clip n' Go".
It's fairly evident I've got something hanging off my belt. On several
occasions, I've just put the pump in my pants pocket, so there's not much
to see.

I had more questions with my MiniMed ("is that a pager?", "why does your
pager have an antenna?", "is that a battery connector for your pager?")
than I do with my Disetronic. Hmmmm ....

Bob Burnett

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