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[IP] u-500 insulin

hi kids this is sara speaking to you from the sunny beaches of florida...Just
checked in with you all while my pump pal nurse Gerri and she wanted to
comment to Ali regarding the use of U-500


she has 4 pump patients who use U500 insulin - they wear their sites for 2-3
days and have had great success with lowering blood sugars.  they do not
dilute the u500.  They use it with the pump in U100 mode - meaning if you want
to take 10 units of u500, you'd program the pump to deliver 2 units (there is
a 5 to 1 ratio).

Sine you already talked to Lilly re: the insulin, you need to call pharmacies
inyour area to find out which will stock it for you, or you can request that
info directfrom Lilly.

So there ya go - sara speaking almost like a professional...and with blood
fillingone eye too!!!

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
ps - i have not worked out in 2 weeks so dont even ask what my workouts are
down to - back to NY on friday  8-(
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