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Re: [IP] getting used to the pump??

I know how it is with the pump and taking a full load in school and trying to work at the same time.. after you get the pump i would take it easy for a month or so until you get your basal rate figurred out. after that TRUST me life in school and work is easier.. Right now i am taking a full load in the nursing program which takes an enourmous amount of time in school and at home, i also work GRAVEYARDS, which would not be possible (or as easy) if i was not on the pump.  The pump will make it easyer to live with college and work on the diabetes part of it.  For me i had no pump specialist to give my training.  The first time i even seen my pump was when they got it out of the box to put it on for the first time, and the sales rep. who was also on one, gave me a run down as well as the nurses got their first look into it.  I was lucky in that my diabetic educator was also on a pump both the miniMed and destronic which she helped in picking the right one.  I have to admit The fast lows and highs are scarry expecially at night (but i don't know who's more scared of them my parents and friends or me ha ha).. now enough of my rambling..
It is a great advantage to have the pump and the flexability it allows in school and work, and one thing i enjoy the most is being able to go out for pizza with my friends if they get the urge for it without having to worry if "its time".. it may be tough at first but remember you have friends here if you need any support..
Brian Carter ( email @ redacted )