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Re: [IP] New insurance company

Scott wrote:

>Well Guys I ordered the new Accu-chek software. It will arrive in a few
>days. Cable and all it came to 38 bucks. Ill give a report as soon as I
>have evaluated the software

Just curious - what version of the software is it? I've had Accutility
(version 1.0) for a long time - since this summer. When I called Roche with
a question, they were *not* happy at all that I had my hands on the
software (my doctor gave it to me, since he's not a computer type person).
Roche was very insistent that Accutility was designed for the "medical

I suggested some changes to the program and interface, and I'm real
interested to see if they've made the changes. The earliest release date I
heard of was in February.

Where did you order it?

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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