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Re: [IP] New insurance company

> >>> Christene Ullom <email @ redacted> 12/28 4:39 PM >>>
> And I'm not
> happy with a design flaw of the pump that I have, and I have been thinking
> about requesting to get a new pump.   Since the new insurance company did
> not buy the pump. I don't know if they would do anything to cover the
> purchase of a pump. They don't know how long I have been on the pump, but
> they do cover the supplies.  
> I have had my pump turned back in, because the buttons on the thing, starts
> jumping 2 screens. 

Your pump probably has defective buttons, return it for a new one. I 
think you will find the company most cooperative. Call the customer 
service 800 number on the back of the pump

email @ redacted
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