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[IP] Insurance and the pump

Kate -

My daughter Lauren, 12.5 yo, went on the pump 6 months ago.  When she first
went on the pump, her A1c's were between 7.4 and 7.9 and she had had
diabetes for a year.  However, her BGs fluctuated quite a bit and we did
not feel we were being successful on a Ultralente and Humalog regimen
partly because we had trouble covering the dawn effect.  Our insurance
advised us that we would need to keep one month's worth of data and then
they would make a determination.

We diligently kept records, but we had a number of bad experiences, like
sofsets popping out and operator errors.  Our Bg's went sky high and after
a month, Lauren's A1c ROSE TO 8.3!  The worst that she had ever had!  I was
panicked... We thought for sure that the insurance co. would turn us down! 
We wanted the pump and resolved that we would pay the full price if
necessary.  Anyway, I wrote a long letter, submitted with our records,
explaining our start up difficulties and promised that we would do better! 
The insurance Co. approved the pump!

Our Houston Minimed rep claimed that he had never seen a Type 1 denied a
pump by an insurance co. which I find difficult to believe based on what I
have read on the I-P list.  Maybe some just have to fight harder for it
than others.

Diane Massey

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