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RE: [IP] Winter sports emergency food


When I ski, I pack a baggie of a peanut/raison mix.  This is
pretty concentrated carbs, but also has the fat/protein for
some staying power.  It is also durable through an
occasional fall.

Have a good time.


In three days, we are going skiing in snow of Michigan.
Does anyone have suggestions for food in my pocket?  I
carry power bars because they hold up to falling etc.  I
don't like to 
have to dig in inside pockets, because it is hard on the ski
Would gels work?   I need about 200 calories, since I stay
out for 
about 4 hours working fairly hard.  I eat about double or
triple my 
normal amount of calories for meals.
Any different foods, that are not as common?
Let me know any ideas.


Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction>>
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