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Re: [IP] Fwd: Accu Chek Software-Is it worth it??

I just got the software for the AccuChek Complete yesterday. I've been using
the meter since October and got my first look at the computer program in late
Nov. at my doctor's office. I love it! It helps you to program your meter with
different event labels and put in new scrolling messages (Don't you get tired
of the same ones over and over? I had my boyfriend enter a couple without me
looking so I have something new to see when I check my blood - kind of like
the note some Mom's put on the napkin in a kid's lunchbox <G>). You can set up
a profile to use with your pump, set different times for before breakfast,
before lunch, etc., and more. Yes, you can add each meal individually.
Unfortunately you are limited in the number of events you can add, so I just
stuck with "before meal"  and "after meal". I figured the time of day would
tell me which me I had eaten or was about to eat. I'm having fun with it and
really beginning to do more of my own diagnosis and evaluation. My doctor is
over 2 hours away and so it is not easy for me to get there if there is a
problem or when I need my results downloaded. Having the program at home makes
it easy. I just print them up and fax or mail them. The one I sent off today
included a narrative letter explaining where I thought the problems were, what
I thought might solve the problems, and a request for assistance. My doctor is
really helpful so I'm looking forward to seeing if my evaluation is the same
as his. You're supposed to be able to send via modem, but I haven't done it

Although I know they don't show the whole picture, I like the averages and
trends that the program gives you. You can get these straight from the meter
but it is a lot nicer to look at on a computer screen or on paper. I find the
graph pretty useless as it is just a plain scatter graph (if I remember the
name of the graph correctly from my math classes - <G>)

Overall, I think the program was worth the $38 (approx.) Besides, I like
playing with new toys. I had the One Touch Profile and the software for it,
too. I only used it once and my previous doctor didn't want the results I was
so proud to show him. I set it aside and never used it again. My current
doctor uses only the Accu-Chek. Let me know what you think of it. 

Barbara Linder
near Leesburg, FL
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/