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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #706

Hi Kate, you had better believe good numbers can cause insurance denials, and
you're wiser than I was to realize this beforehand.  My pre-pump A1c of 5.8
was ABSOLUTELY a problem in gaining insurance approval.  My insurance company
issued repeated denials, regardless of the fact I was taking up to eight
injections a day (2,500 a year) and was physically and emotionally exhausted
trying to follow a super-intensive management program with my job, and was
setting the alarm twice every single night to take injections to avoid early-
overnight lows then dawn highs, etc. etc.   (Ironic that because of my
ultimate motivation I was denied, but had I been lazy like many diabetics and
had an A1c of 10, I wouldn't have had approval problems.)   For me it took
three and a half months of appeals, but what I think finally got the approval
was the insurance company realized that I wasn't going to let it drop.

Anyway, certainly do not let any insurance company tell you that an A1c in the
"7 to 8" range is "good enough control."    Good luck, and if you are denied
at first, DON'T GIVE UP.

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