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I don't think insurance will go against a doctor's prescription.
It's awful to have highs and lows. Who cares what the average is.
My doctor told me he won't prescribe it for most people. It's only
for smart, motivated people. His expectations are not so much for 
better control as for greater convenience.

>>> Richard E Uhlman <email @ redacted> 12/29 2:12 PM >>>
I am new to this sytstem but I have a question...  I am interested in
getting a pump for my son and I was wondering if anyone has had problems
getting insurance approval if you had fairly good control on MDI. My son
has only had diabetes for a year and  his A1C have been in the 7-8 range
(near or at goal).  I was wondering if this will disqualify him for the
pump.  Has anyone had this problem?  Thanks. Kate

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