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Re: [IP] getting used to the pump??


We live over 2 hours from Kayla's endo and over 7 hours from the pump
trainer!  While Kayla was admitted to the hospital overnight because of
her age (5yo) when she started pumping, we handled all matters after
that by phone.  Because her activity level and routine changed from day
to day, it took about 2 months to get her numbers leveled.  I'm sure
college would be ever-changing for your routine, too.  

The first few days are tough because you have to constantly check those
bgs and record everything.  Staying in close contact with your endo or
trainer helps.  If you do decide to go back to college, you need to make
sure you have a roommate that knows of your diabetes and can come to
your aid during the night in case of a bad low.  

Good luck with your decision.  

Kayla's mom
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/