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Re: [IP] getting used to the pump??


A pump trainer is helpful but you can do everything yourself.  Make sure you have a copy of Pumping Insulin. You will want to work through the book and establish your basals and boluses (you may have done this already?) and strategies for things like exercise and stress.  The hardest part is just being very good about data collection and appraisal -- it is hard to stay on track sometimes.  The pump trainer won't help much with this after the initial visits anyway.  You probably need a system that will keep you accountable.   Getting your doses set around your school life is probably a very smart thing to do now so that you will be able to get on with your life and so that you will have solutions for all those evryday problems that would come up at home with your parents or working anyway.

Julie Britt wrote:

I'm in a bit of a tight spot, and I'm looking for some
input/suggestions.  In November, I decided to withdraw from college to
come home and get well, and start pump therapy.  Well, it's been almost
2 months, and I'm supposed to go back to school (in OK- I'm in FL now)
Jan 7.  We have the pump here, but no trainer, and we're having real
problems finding one.  I'm worried that, if they can't train me until a
day or 2 before I leave, if I will be able to get used to it.  I mean,
I'll go straight to insulin, and only have to one-day training session
for a couple hours.  I'm worried that I'll have to deal with the pump
and my diabetes, in addition to moving back, taking classes and
studying, a part time job, and seeing a shrink.  I don't want to end up
with low grades because of it.  I could feasibly stay here at my
parents' house and get a full-time job, but i'd miss a semester of
school.  I have already begun thinking of transferring to a school in
this state for the summer and next fall, but there isn't enough time to
transfer before the spring semester.  If anyone could give me input, how
you got used to it and what kind of problems I could expect, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

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