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[IP] getting used to the pump??


It is certainly true that YMMV!!! But, I had only 1 two-hour session with a trainer, went immediately to Humalog (no saline), and just called the doctor's office every day for a couple of weeks with all of my bg's.  (The doctor also came into my training session to help set my basal rates.)  I was lucky to have very few problems once I got on the pump, and everything I needed I got by phone.

My hard part was getting the training.  I had the pump in my possession for 3 months before I got to train on it.  The Disetronic rep in my area quit and there was a new guy who said I had to call the clinic for an appointment with my doctor and call a trainer, but the clinic said I had to contact the sales rep, and the sales rep said he didn't know any trainers, etc., etc., etc.

Good Luck!  I wish you an easy time of it!


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