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Re: [IP] getting used to the pump??


Well if you go back to school and still need to look for a trainer i could
talk to my old Endo. Dr. and her team to see if they could see you for some
pointers (she is on the pump both the minimed and disetronic), when i went
for my pump i started straight on insulin, and only a few hours talking to
the Rep. which is also on the pump, and i could have him give you a call
once you are in Okl. since he would prob. be the closest one to sell to you.
and like always i am here if you have any questions
( email @ redacted ) which pump are you going for?  after talking to
the Dr. and the Rep. i new more than the nurses that were watching me
(overnight visit) and that was it... Its kinda scarry but i think i am one
of 2 people here that know the most about the pump and diabetes in this
little hole in the ground ha ha (Carlsbad, New Mexico)..
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Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 5:57 PM
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>>Have you contacted the company that you bought the pump from and asked
>>for a trainer near you?  Is there another pumper in your area that
>>Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)
>Yes, we have, but for some reason the company is giving us the
>run-around, and what's worse is a lot of people are out of town for the
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