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[IP] U500 Insulin - Please Help !


As I have mentioned in other posts, I am currently using close to 300 units
of Humalog a day, in my pump. Even this will have to increase, since my BG
is still high. 

I have thought about (and spoke to my doctor) switching to U500
(concentrated) Regular insulin. If I dilute it to U300, I would only need to
change my reservoir every other day (versus every day). I would have
preferred staying with Humalog, but they don't make a U500 version.

I received a pamphlet from Lilly describing the U500 Regular, and found this

"Humulin R (U500) is unmodified by any agent that might prolong its action;
however, clinical experience has shown that it frequently has a time action
similar to a repository insulin preparation. It takes effect rapidly but has
a relatively long duration of activity following a single dose (up to 24
hours) as compared with other Regular insulins. This effect has been
credited to the high concentration of the preparation."

If I understand this correctly (a big if), The U500 Regular, acts more like
Regular/NPH mix.
This would make it useless for the pump.

Has anyone on this list used U500 insulin ? Or knows more about it ?

I would appreciate other's opinions on this.

Thanks :-)

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