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Re: [IP] low doses

email @ redacted wrote:
> My son is on a very small amount of insulin.  It's looking like .1 or .2
> units per hour during the night, and .3 during the afternoon.  We're
> wondering what to do if what we actually need is .15 units per hour.  

I also looked into diluting Humalog in the pump and it can't be done. 
The diluant makes the H too thick to pass through the tubing.  Diluted R
might be possible, though.  

> another option might be to alternate doses by the hour.  For example, from
> midnight to 1am do .1 units/hour, then from 1 to 2 am do .2 units/hour, then
> from 2-3am do .1 units/hour again etc.  

We also tried this for a 6 hour stretch during the night (.2 and .3
alternating) and it didn't average out like it seems it should.  However
a big YMMV applies here.

Kayla's mom
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