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Re: [IP] Lost Insulin Recovery

Can you try not putting so much in the reservoir in the first place.  It 
means that the number of units left (for disetronic) isn't right, but if 
you change at the same time every day that shouldn't be a problem.  I 
use about 50 units a day and fill my reservoir to 150, although I use 
glass cartridges without lines.  Sometimes if I know I'll want to change 
my site and reservoir like, tomorrow, I'll just put in a guesstimate of 
60u.  You just have to remember that the pump isn't right about units 

>I would like to know what the best method is for recovering unused 
>from a reservoir. 
>I have to change my reservoir every day, since I use close to 300 
>(that's a whole other story !). 
>Some mornings (this is when I change) I have as much as 40-50 units 
>in the old reservoir. 
>How can I recover this ?
>(waiting for it to finish later in the day, is not an option).
>Thanks :-)
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