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Re: [IP] Arrrrgh, again!!

There were about 3 pre-pump visits... basics about how the pump worked,
getting hooked up for a saline test-run and nutrition counseling (carb
counting). Each visit was about 90 minutes. Then there was pump install
day... about 3-4 hours, and a follow-up visit a few days later (30-45 min).
I can't recall if there was another visit a week or two after that... there
may have been. There was a doctor appointment just before pump install day too.


At 03:22 PM 12/28/1998  Maleki, Ali wrote:
>While you don't state the length of each visit, I'm curious as to why you
>needed so many visits ?
>Was most of the time spent on pump training or nutrition/carb counting.
>>>Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 22:08:36 -0800
>>>From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
>>>Subject: Re: [IP] Arrrrgh, again!!
>>>Training cost me about $450... and the insurance companies paid for
>>>virtually all of it. That included about 4-5 visits to the pump certified
>>>CDE and a nutritionist. I think you need to find a different place. Is
>>>what your doctor recommends? What does all this include? It sounds like
>>>training costs almost as much as the pump. 
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