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[IP] Supplies

Hi!  I just wanted to relate a story about getting my first order of supplies from Disetronic.  I called on Dec. 23, to see if I could get an order still on my 1998 deductible.  The salesperson said "no problem"  the order would go through that day, would I like the order sent via UPS ground or overnight by Fed-Ex (for an extra $10).  I said it wasn't an emergency, so ground was fine.  (Besides I live in St. Paul, which is right next to D.'s headquarters)  I received the shipment THE NEXT DAY on Dec. 24.  I was worried because of the horror stories I have heard here about ordering supplies, but Disetronic was NO PROBLEM!

Lucky me :-)

Lisa (who for the first time never went above 215 on Christmas day - Woo Hoo!)

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