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[IP] Accuchek Complete

> Could someone please  tell me how they use their Accuchek Complete?
> Specifically:
> 1.  Do you  enter the data in the Diary Menu or in the individual
> categories? Which  gives a better picture to my endo?  I Fax  my  records
> to him through an Acculink modem which is a modem in the testing stage and
> downloads the Accuchek directly to my endo's office.  I  haven't seen what
> he receives yet. . 2,  What does User Defined mean in the Events category?
>  Does User Defined mean I can put in the text  for that category? Also  I
> have not entered events because I don't know which ones to select.   The
> diary can record 4 pre selected events .  Are these the same events that
> would be entered  in individual categories?  

These things really look great in the adds.  I can do about anything 
with computers and electronics, but when it comes to my meter I 
would like to have a life also.  I thought the accuchek was neat 
when I got. (I still think it is a good meter) It just doesen't make it 
easy to enter things.
I now mostly stick the strips in when off, the meter comes on, 
gives me  a reading and I pull the strip out, the meter goes off.  I 
used to use a computer with my one touch profile and liked how 
quick and easy it was.
If you set the time periods correctly, then the computer sorts out 
your before and after meal readings.  You can only enter before 
meal and after meal (not which meal it is).  To see what it looks 
like, go to review memory-glucose-trends.
One of the things that looks useful is some of the "other" labels.  
The person with the program can select any of the large list of 
labels, like "felt tired" or "sick."  I think you can also add a few that 
are you make up yourself.  The thing is, you need the computer 
program to all this stuff.
    I would ask whomever needs it to tell you which things need to 
be entered if any.  Otherwise only enter the things you find useful.  
The computer programs can manipulate your plain readings in a 
variety of ways.  No meter that I have seen has as many options as 
the Accucheck complete.

hope this helps
Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/