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Re: [IP] Meter differences

I love the graph function and the average functions. I did find a bug.
If your blood test is 49 the graph will display a 300. The graph is supposed
to run from 50 to 350. Readings below or above that puts a check at 50 or
350. It works for other lows but not for 49. The value 49 is recorded
accurately in all other screens like the diary. GRAPH FUNCTION BUG.

>>> Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted> 12/27 3:39 PM >>>
I've been using the Accucheck Complete.  Would second Randall's comment
about poor design -- you can tell the people who create and market
theses things only use them a few times a day instead of constantly as I
would like to.  Great for holding info.  They do have software -- same
as your doctor has and you can request a copy for home.  That copy
allows you to type in an item for "user defined".  

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