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[IP] low doses

My son is on a very small amount of insulin.  It's looking like .1 or .2
units per hour during the night, and .3 during the afternoon.  We're
wondering what to do if what we actually need is .15 units per hour.  I have
read that some people dilute the insulin.  (We used to dilute the insulin
when he was 2 and 3 years old and we were doing injections.)  It seems like
another option might be to alternate doses by the hour.  For example, from
midnight to 1am do .1 units/hour, then from 1 to 2 am do .2 units/hour, then
from 2-3am do .1 units/hour again etc.  Since the humalog actually lasts for
over 2 hours, would this averaging work?  Does anybody do this?
Carol G

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