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Re: [IP] Fireside with pump

I used to wonder about this too, Jim, but since I haven't correlated any
problems with high BG and the tubing close to the skin (or lying on it all
night), it must not be too much of a problem.   There is only about 10 U in
the 43 inch tubing, so I guess it takes longer to degrade the insulin at
body temp than it does for this much insulin to pass through the tubing.
	Now about being too close to the fire, I don't know anything.
Maybe bob needs to invent a pump heat shield accessory :-)

<<<<<From: "James L Morrison" <email @ redacted>
Bob said,
>I wonder if
> anyone can
> give me thoughts on what to do about wearing a pump while sitting
> in front of
> a blazing fire.  I put the pump behind me, but am still worried about the
> tubing getting too warm.   Thanks.     Bob

I have had the same thoughts about the tubing being next to the skin. I have
the long tube, but keep the tubing inside my underpants. Does body warmth
affect the insulin?

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