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Re: [IP] Pizza

Helen, this pizza issue has assumed folklore status among diabetics.
However, it really is not that difficult.  All I've done is to experiment a
bit, and once I've figured it out, then its just a memory problem.   Buy
your favorite pizza, have him eat say 2 slices and bolus a test amount--for
me it is usually 2-3 U per slice (BUT it obviously depends on who makes it
and how big the slices are, and thats something you just have to watch).
Then 3 hours later check the BG.  If its high, you know to bolus a bit more
next time, and vice versa.  There may be some later increases because the
fat can affect basal needs, so you might also want to check at 5 hours
later.   It make take a few tests with different pizzas over several days,
but i'm sure your son won't mind this kind of experimentation :-)

<I know this has been discussed several times, pizza and how to bolus.  Please
<go over one more time for me.  I would like to see my son able to eat pizza
<without going into the 300s.

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