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Re: [IP] Arrrrgh, again!!

Michael wrote:
> > Well, my insurance WOULD pay for doc. visits, but the doc knows
> > diddly about pumps, and doesn't have a CDE in his office.
> >
> Call the pump company and ask for referral to a pump trainer near
> you. That will solve your problem. You can get the names of CDE's
> near you from the trainer.

Well, telephone calling is on the agenda for today -- FINALLY -- you
KNEW the s would hit the f just before Christmas when no one is in the
office! :(

I do have a couple of alternative game plans, but the first and foremost
is to get the doc to actually write the prescription -- EVERYTHING else
is done: letter of medical necessity and insurance approval -- and so
it's just GETTING the thing that's tied up at the moment.

MiniMed is quite willing to help, but they have to have the
prescription. Period. 

Head is sore from running into brick walls!

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