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Accucheck Comfort Curves instead of Advantage strips, was Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #703

The Accucheck Comfort Curves require 60% less blood than the Advantage
Strips.  I think they are being sold in most of the supply houses.  Because
they are based on whole blood instead of plasma like the old Advantage
strips, they read ~12% higher.  I bet it changes your feeling about using
that bg measuring system.

BTW, I like the Complete a lot.  The big downside is its LARGE size.  It's
record keeping is incredible.  However, on the pump, record keeping is less
crucial than with mdi, once you get the basals in sync.

Right now, I use the Fast Take and can fit it, strips and lancet all in my
pocket with my wallet.  I can run a test while walking around.  It delivers
results in 15 seconds.

I'm headed up to Chicago, Madison and MPLS today and through the next week
for some museum going and visiting Frank Lloyd Wright sites, and New Years
with my family (Dad's side).

I would imagine I will have 400+ Emails to wade through when I return.

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Date: Sunday, December 27, 1998 9:04 PM
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>I've also heard that the precision is better.  My insuranse requires
>that I use an Accuchek atvantage, which is OK but it takes a LOT of
>blood.  I'm trying to think of a reason to switch that they would
>consider, any suggestions?
>Heather(but not the same one:-)

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