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Re: [IP] Meter differences

That's what they say.  I used the two together for a while and the QID
readings were never more than 15 points higher and usually about 5.  I
have no idea what that is in % though I'm sure one of you can help
here.  I hate the One Touch and the Profile comes in as second most
frustrating meter.  I used a One Touch for 5-6 years.  This is just my
opinion though and many people don't agree.

The QID is set up very conveniently.  It is easy to bop around with and
I can test while walking.  It works well and is very very easy to use
and efficient and everything easy.  Bad side is that memory is minimal,
no other info can be entered, it is very temperature sensitive so in hot
or cold weather you have to cool it down or warm it up before using.
Strips are foil wrapped which makes them easy to carry but I've been
told (by other company reps) this makes them less stable.  I've never
actually had a problem although a few times I had tested and known it
couldn't be right and retested for a more correct answer.

I'll let someone else speak to the One Touch.  They are the old sturdy
bg test supplies and have been around forever.  Basically very
reliable.  I think mine always ran a little high.  Clunky.  Basic test
memory is good.  I found other memory hard to use effectively in a

Fast Take is the Lifescan/One Touch equivalent of the QID which I love.
Light, small, easy, effective, reliable and etc.  Runs about 5-8 points
higher than my Accucheck Complete.  Stores tests memory.   Only down
side is it too is very temperature sensitive.

I've been using the Accucheck Complete.  Would second Randall's comment
about poor design -- you can tell the people who create and market
theses things only use them a few times a day instead of constantly as I
would like to.  Great for holding info.  They do have software -- same
as your doctor has and you can request a copy for home.  That copy
allows you to type in an item for "user defined".  There are some 30 or
40 possible events of which you can only have 15 -- which is frustrating
and cuts out many of those helpful ones.  It is exasperatingly slow but
so is the Profile, not sure but Profile may take 5 or 6 seconds less for
the entire test (not the part the meter counts).

Hope that helps a little.


Michael wrote:

> > I have a One Touch BG machine and a PreisionQID....  What's the
> > preference???
> >
> The One Touch is calibrated to read whole blood glucose levels, and
> the QID is calibrated to read serum glucose levels.
> The QID will produce readings about 20% higher than the One Touch if
> I'm not mistaken.
> Someone jump in here and correct me, I'm not real sure about this.
> Michael
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