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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete

On 26 Dec 98 at 8:57, email @ redacted wrote:

> Could someone please  tell me how they use their Accuchek Complete?
> Specifically:

Despite its design flaws it's a fairly useable system so...

> 1.  Do you  enter the data in the Diary Menu or in the individual categories?
> Which  gives a better picture to my endo?  I Fax  my  records to him through
> an Acculink modem which is a modem in the testing stage and downloads the
> Accuchek directly to my endo's office.  I  haven't seen what he receives yet.

Given the sorry state of their software (vaporware, rumorware and unavailable)
there's no telling what he receives or how it's presented.  

> . 2,  What does User Defined mean in the Events category?  Does User Defined
> mean I can put in the text  for that category? Also  I have not entered events
> because I don't know which ones to select.   The diary can record 4 pre
> selected events .  Are these the same events that would be entered  in
> individual categories?  

The events memory seems to be the same - you can record it one way and review it
the other.  I think it's just two paths to get to the same data.  User Defined
is just an event to cover the major design flaw with the inComplete - the lack
of properly defined events.  There aren't enough and the default set is very
poor.  You can record 4 events for a reading, but most of the time you only need
one or two - and you don't get to enter the text for any event so there isn't
really a "User Defined" event.  You get to enter "User Defined" when none of the
pre-defined events match what you're trying to record.

> I am very frustrated because  I am getting chopped up info from my Diabetes
> Team and need to clear this up before my appointment with my endo next week. I
> have been on the Pump for 8 months now and hate not getting the info I need
> when I need it.  My last HgA1C was 6.6  so my endo is pleased while I'm
> confused!

What do you mean "chopped up info"?  The meter is only one small and imperfect
component of a total management strategy...  

The best feature of the inComplete is the trend log and the bg graph.  These two
features somewhat compensate for the design flaws...   I use these a lot to
review the data and see how things are heading.  Unfortunately the AccuCheck
Complete is billed as a data logging system to replace your paper records - and
it isn't quite there yet.  It has serious flaws which when mentioned to BM reps
get you yelled at...  It shows promise if they ever decide to do an incremental
design improvement from real world users instead of a "medical professional
think tank" running on donuts and coffee...  

Who else would come up with a scrolling message that says "see your doctor" and 
leave out events such as "nighttime low"?

> Thanks for any help you send my way.
> Denise Guerin IDDM type 1- 44 years
Randall P. Winchester
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