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Re: [IP] Arrrrgh, again!!

Natalie A. Sera wrote:
> Well, Lord Snafu has taken his toll once again:
> Insurance has APPROVED pump and training, BUT they will only pay 50% of
> a $150 lifetime maximum for the training. Oh, and by the way, the
> training totals $3830.
> How's that for spiritual insurance coverage. They're being SOOOOO nice,
> no?
> So now I have to figure out how to convince my doc to prescribe the pump
> (which they will cover 80%), and let me go my merry way with it -- I
> have some private resources (otherwise known as friends) who are CDE,
> advanced practice nurses (in Ohio, but it would STILL be TONS cheaper to
> buy a plane ticket to Ohio!) PLUS lots of willing problem-solvers in
> abundance right HERE.

Your pump rep should be able to give you all the training you need. 
That IS, after all, what they are paid the BIG BUCKS for.  All of my
training was done by my MiniMed rep eight years ago.

> I ALSO found out that I'm not covered under Nevada's recently passed law
> -- yes, it mandates coverage of diabetes supplies and education, but
> only for commercial companies -- if you're in a "self-funded" plan,
> you're SOL, buddy!

THE precise reason we need fiscally conservativepoliticians to write our
insurance laws.  People need to realize  that this country was built on
the backs of entrepreneurs...NOT major corporations.  Sorry to rant, but
I'm tired of Know-Nothing nincompoops deciding what's best for me.

> Which is another reason why we need a single-payer system -- our
> patchwork of insurance plans and laws are HIGHLY unfair and unequitable,
> even for those who are ostensibly covered!

At any rate, try calling your rep...if they REALLY want to sell you a
pump, they'll provide the training...period!

Mike Maturen
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/