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Re: [IP] Arrrrgh, again!!

At 02:44 PM 12/26/1998  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>Dan & Lisa Diener wrote:
>>         Are you saying that the training alone is $3830??  I find that 
>hard to
>> believe.  I just recieved a bill for being trained on the pump and it
>> was $92.
>Yeah, that's what they quoted me! :(  Which is why I'm cancelling my
>assessment appointment for Monday and calling the doc to discuss a more
>economically feasible way of going about it.
>And I'm really bummed right now, because I'd gotten my hopes up. :(

Training cost me about $450... and the insurance companies paid for
virtually all of it. That included about 4-5 visits to the pump certified
CDE and a nutritionist. I think you need to find a different place. Is this
what your doctor recommends? What does all this include? It sounds like the
training costs almost as much as the pump. 


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